160 Pcs Ancestor Money 002

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Chinese joss paper use as a sacrifice of ancestors, prays for prosperity and good luck. It is also a way of expressing affection and sustenance for loved ones.

Sometimes ancestor money ashes and smoke fly slowly, which means that your ancestor responded to you and he received your blessings and prayers.

160 Piece Joss Paper Ancestor Money
These heaven bank notes feature an image of the Jade Emperor, the presiding monarch of heaven in Taoism. Chinese heaven hell money notes. Banknote denomination $10,000 per 1pcs.

In worldwide culture, we burn joss paper for ancestors on special holidays.Take it for granted to use : Funerals, Tomb-sweeping day, Anniversary of ancestor’s death, All Souls Day, Obon Festival. The day you concerning, bone-deep missing and mourning for them.

Not only living people can perceive and deliver, but also those spirits clearly sensed by ancestor money burners. The whole process is actually an spiritual information exchange. Such communication and fund donation to ancestor can be viewed as a blessing.

Packing and weighing well : 2 bundles, a bundle of 80 sheets. Each sheet measures about : 15.3×7.5 cm. This currency is very colorful and bright in color. very easy to be burnt completely.

Please note:Paper money is not legal tender currency issued by any bank or government institution and holds no cash value.

1 review for 160 Pcs Ancestor Money 002

  1. Rick G McDuffy

    I certainly loved them. I’ll ask for many more.

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