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Why is the Jade Emperor printed on Chinese Joss Paper?

Ancestor money has different names including ghost money, money, Joss paper, hell notes, heaven notes etc.What is ancestor money? Most of them will have the image of the Jade Emperor. Because The Jade Emperor is a Higher God in the Taoist pantheon and is considered the deity over all money on earth. Imagine a being that is in charge of every penny that is on earth. This is the Jade Emperor. A wise soul would make him an ally! How To Use Joss Paper | Ancestor Money Prayer? Since ancient times, people have worshiped ancestors and ghosts. The document “Wuyi County Chronicles” records that the concept of soul makes people have two worlds in their minds. That is, the real society where living people live and the virtual world where ancestors live. In the virtual world of ancestral activities, the food, clothing, housing and transportation of the dead are the same as ours. The Jade Emperor is the ruler of this world. View here: Why Burn Ancestor Money | Joss Paper | Hell Notes? And Ancestor money is the currency used by ancestors in virtual world. Therefore, the head of the Jade Emperor must be printed on this currency.

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