Why Did I Burn Ancestor Money | Joss Paper?

The Eastern view of life and death is that if a person dies, he will live in another world. We will still see the dead there, so we have to offer ancestor money to the dead. In fact, not only China, but Japan, Vietnam, and South Korea were deeply influenced by Confucian culture in ancient times. They also burned money to give to their ancestors.

Every year when I accompany my father back home to burn joss paper to my grandfather, what I feel most is the reunion of blood. A group of people of the same surname gather together to worship the same ancestors, and every time I have a feeling of blood connection.

Sometimes I am too busy at work. If I don’t go back to burn ancestral money, I will drive to the intersection with my dad to burn the joss money. In fact, everyone knows that this is feudal superstition, but we also need to vent our feelings. When we are burning money, we are telling people who have passed away what we did not say in time, and we are entrusting the spirit of missing our ancestors.

There are 365 days and nights in a year, 24 hours a day, a total of more than 8,000 hours, and burning hell notes only takes one hour in a year. During this hour, my father and I silently guarded a small flame. We will throw two packs of cigarettes into the fire, because Grandpa loved to smoke during his lifetime. I will also remember Grandpa. Although the memory is not much and vague. Grandpa is Dad’s father. Thinking about my feelings for Dad, I can also feel Dad’s feelings for Grandpa. Dad actually missed my grandpa, I knew it. But how can he express it. So we can only be silent together in front of the flame of burning joss paper money. Burning ancestor money is how we miss our loved ones.

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