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Why Burn Ancestor Money | Joss Paper | Hell Notes?

Ancestor money. It’s a tool that allows us to take care of our ancestors and in return they take care of us. Burn more high simulation money for your ancestors and let the ancestors realize wealth freedom which is also a way to miss them and as a tribute to the dead.

How And Why Burn Ancestor Money Joss Money

They are also called joss paper, spirit money, hell notes or heaven notes. They are more similar to real US Dollars, British Pounds, Euro and Hong Kong Dollars. The print is very clear. When it burns, the flame is warm. And best of all, there is no harmful odor that comes off of it. So it doesn’t pollute the environment and the ashes are easy to clean. Honor your ancestors with ancestor money.You may also interested in Why Did I Burn Ancestor Money | Joss Paper? And How And Why Burn Ancestor Money | Joss Money? Or The Biggest Benefits of Ancestor Money in 2021

The Benefits Of Burning Ancestor Money

How to choose and burn ancestor money?

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