The Effects I've Been Getting From Burning Ancestor Money

The Effects I’ve Been Getting From Burning Ancestor Money

When do I start using ancestor money?

I’ve been using ancestor money for like since October. So that’s like two months now. And the effects that I’ve had from burning ancestor money consistently on a daily basis. Before I get into the effects of it. I just want to share that you wanna be working your altar every single day. Make it consistent, make it a part of your life, make it something that you do, you just do it. you know something is your normal routine like brushing your teeth, washing your face, taking a shower, cooking breakfast dinner and all that. Make your altar work and learning ancestral money a part of your daily routine.

My mother's story

Alright so the effects that I’ve been getting from burning ancestor money is I feel the presence more of my mom and I felt her before that. But I’ve been getting sale at the sale after sale. This is a holidays going on. But I’ve been getting sales like on things that cost forty dollars for like twenty dollars.

My mother was a type of person that she loved quality items and she loved coach baths. She go to Macy’s and get like a two hundred dollar bag, coach bag and probably spent about $50. Because of all the coupons that she would get. She was all about getting a deal. She was a very frugal shopper. Go to Marshall’s, it be a coat that I like when you know it would probably be about three hundred dollars or something like that. she come home with the coat and probably pay about $50 for it. Because it was on clearance. What?

So I’ve been getting a lot of items that I love, that I’ve been looking at for some time for like half the price. In the past week like I said granted this is the holidays. But I give you an example.

The impact of burning ancestor money for me

Another story I’ll share with you. I went to Barnes and Nobles. They had a coupon for 25% off. I’m looking at these chakra cards that I wanted that. I’m looking. They have nothing there as far as the cards go nothing I have on my list. Something told me to reach up and look up in this corner, I look up and I grab. and what is it. It’s the chakra reading cards that I’ve been wanting. They were there. They were like $23 and I got it for 17 dollars.

In conclusion

I mean this is to me, this is a sign telling me that my mother is blessing me back, for me blessing her in the spirit realm. Because I’m learning ancestors money nothing my effect that I got. Your effect can be different. But just give it a try. Every single day, burn your ancestor money be at your altar consistently give offerings. A consistent offer every single day, non-stop. You know be wishy-washy with it. Made this a part of your life, this is what you do, you want, your spiritual journey and you’re doing this doing it. You’re doing it, you’re not playing games.

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