Benefits of Ancestor Money

The Biggest Benefits of Ancestor Money in 2021

Benefits of Ancestor Money

Today I just want to talk about the personal benefits of ancestor money. I have been incorporating this process for about the last two years. Thanks to a good friend of mine and my brother who I love dearly.

The Attitude Of Gratitude Ancestors

This is a normal I probably do it. Maybe at least once a week, the personal benefits is what people usually say well what’s the point of burning ancestor money like why are we burning paper like that’s you know. But the personal benefits are amazing. I think the biggest benefit is for the person is the attitude of gratitude. This process requires that you acknowledge your ancestors that you are aware of by name. And you are basically filling out paper money with their name on it with the intent of passing this money on to them for whatever it is that they need or desire, wherever they may be.

That is where the process starts. That is where the certain when he starts before you actually burn the paper. This process is usually it, depends on when he accesses you have so it depends on how long it will take. But this process is very powerful as you’re connecting and acknowledging their presence and their existence, even though they’re no longer physically here. If you’ve never seen ancestor money. It’s very general. 

There’s just money with the jade emperor on it. The jade emperor is a pretty awesome guy. You should probably do a little google search on the jade emperor. You want some more information about him. Those are ten thousand dollar bills there’s large denominations of billion dollar bills can you imagine sending your great-grandmother a billion dollars

How awesome and happy she would be by that and how she will be so filled with appreciation and gratitude for you acknowledging her presence that she will send those blessings right back to you.

Maintaining A Connection With Your Ancestors

That is the point of burning the ancestor money. It is the process of maintaining or developing a connection with your ancestors who are no longer here. Many people think that this process is a religious process. It is not. It is true. It is a spiritual process.

But your religion whatever it is you practice does not have any bearing or whether or not. You can or cannot do this process.

This is not a form of worship well. Not in a sense that you would a church or the synagogue is definitely different. It is just acknowledging your ancestral bloodline. It is done throughout many cultures and many religions. So there is no limitations to your ability to do it.

So please don’t feel that. this is a something that you’re limited to doing because you don’t. I don’t know believe and you have ancestors or that when people die that they’re dead and bla bla bla.

My thing is don’t knock as he tried it. Yeah I’ve done. It can’t tell me what it is, what it isn’t teach right. That’s all I can say I’ve had many people say oh well you know whatever so you know what.

Just do it once, just do it one time. If you don’t like it. Don’t do it again. But guarantee you will feel a greater connection, you will feel so much more grateful and thankful for every little thing that you have. And your ancestors will in turn continue to be your guides and help you through whatever it is that you need. Because that’s what they’re there. For that’s the purpose, they serve you know.

Send Some Money To Ancestors

It’s been something I’ve incorporated for the last years with my family, my friends. I just recently did one with a friend of mine who had experience of death and her family that particular day. And we impromptu decided to say hey you know what let’s let’s send some money to her.

On the other side and have her you know. Put that in her account. so when she gets to where she has to get to. She’ll be taken care of and acknowledged. And for that individual who did that process it was a very moving process for her. She was definitely filled with gratitude. And she actually was able to write about it. And really something very beautiful in response to that I could share that with you personally. let me know alright peace and blessings. Loving like everybody be well

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