How do ancestor money prayer

How To Use Joss Paper | Ancestor Money Prayer?

All we know that Ancestor Money | Spirit Money | Joss Paper is a type of ancestral veneration that you can burn and send into the spirit realm. But how do we prayer? You can read the following text aloud. After reading, you need to burn the ancestor money, then the prayer ceremony is completed.

My uplifted Ancestors, guides, fierceprotectors and skilled healers. Pleasestand with me [say your name], child of[beloved parents names]. Be with me inthis moment, and guide me along my.road with a cool head and a clear mind.l am root of your root, soil of your soil,bone of your bone, and blood of your

Not deaf to our sincere cries; nor blindto our honest placations, keep the giffs of perfect health, wealth, and prosperity close so that we may honor and grow your legacy. l have not forgotten my committment toour lineage, and I vow to never forget.
Thank you.

ancestor money prayer

Usually after I prayer, I meditate I sing a song for my ancestors and um I give them ancestor money. I usually just take it and I light it with the candle that I that’s already lit and I usually just burn it at the corner.

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