How And Why Burn Ancestor Money Joss Money

How And Why Burn Ancestor Money | Joss Money?

I’m gonna tell you that the three reasons why I burn ancestor money | joss money and how to burn hell money | joss paper.

Why Burning Ancestor Money | Joss Money?

All right today I’m gonna be showing your are how to burn ancestor money. Okay first I’m gonna tell you that the three reasons why I burn ancestor money. One, because some of my ancestors left behind some depth. Even though some of them was millionaires. Two, Some of my ancestors need things right now in the spirit world and this money can help. And three, some of my ancestors can reciprocate that money into the physical for me. so I can get my financial blessings.

Okay, so this is the ancestor money I purchased from  

How to Burn Ancestor Money | Joss Paper?

Usually after I pray, I meditate I sing a song for my ancestors and um I give them ancestor money. I usually just take it and I light it with the candle that I that’s already lit and I usually just burn it at the corner.

As it’s burning, I’m just paying attention to the fire. I’m asking my ancestors angels spirit guys did these god of all gods to use this fire as a portal. And to connect with me and to um send me blessings my purpose is to bless and be blessed.

That’s just what I do. I may turn it, I may flip it, I may do all types of things um just to make some beautiful fire art.

But immediately after, I just usually expose it. In this bowl that I have here on my altar. I drop it when spirit tell me to drop it, if I get burned oh well hopefully a blessing coming out of it. That’s it.

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