Burning Ancestor Money is Thinking Of the dead

Burning Ancestor Money is To Miss The Dead Relatives

Burning Ancestor Money is Thinking Of the dead

I used to think that burning joss paper is a cultural bad habit. Grandparents passed away early and basically never lived together, so my impression of grandparents is very shallow. Every time Dad burned spirit money for grandparents, I didn’t feel anything.

It was not until my father died of acute cerebral hemorrhage that I realized that in a year, only burning ancestor money can let me talk to him without being disturbed.

Although I was often taught by him when I was a kid because I was naughty and stealing money from my family, I didn’t like my dad very much at that time. But after seeing him unplug the tube in the ICU, my tears couldn’t stop.

His whole life is very mediocre. Although he didn’t make a lot of money, he never took a break. He has always made money for his family. Although my family is not as good as others, my parents will give me the best things.

Although he has a bad temper, he often teaches me, which makes me very unconvinced. But no matter where he goes to work, he will be loved by employers. He is very serious about his work, and he keeps his working place very clean no matter where he is.

In his eyes, there is no work that cannot be done. He went to work in a brick factory, and his clothes were covered with dust every day when he came back. You can see how hard his work is by looking at his clothes.

Even though my income is enough to feed my family, he still doesn’t want to come to live with me and still work in his hometown. I know that he is afraid of causing me trouble. My daughter was born and needs parents to take care of her. He came to me reluctantly.

After spending a month at home, he wanted to go out and find a job as a security guard. I understand that he feels awkward to spend my money, so he should spend his own money comfortably.

He called me that day and told me to take him to the hospital as soon as possible. Because he couldn’t move half of his body, my mind was stunned.

It is acute cerebral hemorrhage. It took less than 24 hours from admission to confirmation of death. Since then, I will go to his grave and burn a lot of hell money. At the same time, talk to him and tell him that everything is okay at home now, don’t worry about it. I know he can’t hear him, but I just want to talk. I miss him so much.

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