Ancestor Money – Carrying My Longing for My Mother

My mother has passed away for many years. Every time I miss my mother, I will burn ancestor money at her grave.

In the second grade of elementary school, the teacher assigned homework and asked me what I want to do when I grow up. I went home and asked my mother, and my mother said, “There is a relative who works as an engineer on the railway, and the conditions are good.” I write the word engineer on my homework, even though I don’t know what an engineer does.

My study is very poor, and the teacher will criticize me. I sat on the ground holding my mother’s leg. Crying and said, I don’t want to go to school, and I don’t want to take exams. Can I not go to school, mom? My mother is also very heartbroken, but what can she say to a kid in the second grade of elementary school?

When I arrived in junior high school, I was obsessed with video games. So I skipped class for a month. I told the teacher through my classmates that I would not go to school. My father found me in the game hall and took me back home. Even so, my mother at that time never gave up to me.

After I was admitted to university, my father took me and burned a copy of the admission notice in front of my mother’s grave. I knelt in front of my mother’s grave, and said to her in my heart, I was admitted to college, mom. But she couldn’t hear it anymore. The older I get, the sadness gets deeper and deeper. Burning ancestor money was given to miss. Thinking of the things that we could not accomplish in our lifetime, those things that cannot be changed can only hope to be realized in the unknown world.

When burning the ancestor money, I gave out 10,000,000 million per 1pcs to fire ancestor money . I was ignorant before, and I always felt it was useless to buy so much ancestor money. But this time I bought a lot, and I am afraid that my mother has no money to spend. When I was young, my mother burned ancestor money for my grandmother. I was bored, I urged my mother to hurry up so that I could play and eat delicious food. Mother will burn the ancestor money seriously, and at the same time let me not rush. At this moment, tears fell on the fire paper, and those real existences would never appear by my side again. The ashes of the fire paper swirled with the wind, and the grass on the grave grew. I said to my mother, “Mom, I’m coming to see you.” I remember I came home from school when I was young. “Mom, I’m back, what kind of food do you have? Do you have any meat? My mother smiled at me.” But from now on, my mother was only a memory. I can only miss my mother by burning ancestor money.

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