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Ancestor Money | Spirit Money | Joss Paper is a type of ancestral veneration that you can burn and send into the spirit realm. It can also be used in certain manifestation methods, money rituals and or money magic.
In traditional Chinese beliefs, The hell is thought to be where the souls of the dead are first judged by the Lord of the Earthly Court . After being judged they are either escorted to heaven or sent into the maze of underground levels and chambers to atone for their sins. People believe that even in the earthy court, spirits need to use money.

What is ancestor money

Ancestor money is also called Joss paper and sometime called held notes or a heaven note and the hell note. But what ancestor money is. It’s money for your relatives, for your deceased loved ones. We have money on the earth plane, physical money and whenever you transition what many people call it death. If you have debt in this world that energy just doesn’t disappear because you die. In fact a lot of times when our ancestors transition. They leave bills and usually as the the grandchildren and the children to have to take care of these bills. 

Aslo, People believe that Ancestor Money is money in another world of the deceased. Burn more paper money, and the deceased will have money in that world. This is a kind of mourning for the dead.Ancestor Money came into being because the ancients believed in the immortality of the soul. They believed that there was a heaven and an underground world, and that ancestor money was burned and sent to the dead relatives in the heaven or the underground world.

What’s the purpose of burning ancestor money

The Chinese believe that a ancestor money | joss paper offering is conveyed into the spirit world. In today’s modern world, caring for ancestors in the afterlife is a poignant way to pay respect for one’s elders and departed family members. At the same time, Ancestor money has synonyms known as spirit money, Joss paper, hell money, heaven notes, etc. The desired vision was that the most beloved family members who passed away can use this “note” in another world to make a better living and seek love again.

For us, the parents who gave birth to ourselves need to remember, the partners who have walked together need to remember, and the time spent together need to remember. Remembering these is not to thank someone or repay someone, but to use these memories to build a spiritual world for yourself. Ancestors must have a family and money. We must also have a place where this spirit can be placed. This is the secret of burning ancestor money.

We must not forget our ancestors and relatives who have passed away. They are the roots of blood. It is with them that we will exist and become who we are now. We can’t just say it, we have to do it and prove it with action. We can only speak with our mouths and ears. But in a ancestor money-burning ceremony, your eyes will see the paper money slowly burn up like life, and your ears will hear the sound of burning and the prayers and wishes of others. During this process, the nose will also smell burnt, and we will also remember the long time we have been together.

Watching sheets of ancestor money ash lift off, you will think of another world, that is, the world our relatives went to. This is the communication between life and death, life from birth to death, ancestor money from existence to nothing. A simple activity contains the entire process of life. It is a baptism of the soul. It is also a death education. It allows us to understand that this body is like paper, which will eventually disappear in the years. You can also read The Biggest Benefits of Ancestor Money.

Why should burn ancestor money

Ancestor Money is a type of ancestral veneration that you can burn and send into the spirit realm. It can also be used in certain manifestation methods, money rituals and or money magic.

In traditional Chinese beliefs, The hell is thought to be where the souls of the dead are first judged by the Lord of the Earthly Court . After being judged they are either escorted to heaven or sent into the maze of underground levels and chambers to atone for their sins. People believe that even in the earthy court, spirits need to use money.The ancestors will get the money after it is burned. View more: How Much Ancestor Money | Hell Notes Should I Burn?

Using rituals like burning ancestor money, the family helps to transform the poor ancestor spirit into a rich ancestor. In turn, the ancestor provides good luck to the family and descendants. You may also interested in Why Did I Burn Ancestor Money | Joss Paper? And How And Why Burn Ancestor Money | Joss Money? Or The Biggest Benefits of Ancestor Money in 2021

How to burn ancestor money

Before burning the ancestor money, you need to prepare a large amount of ancestor money, candles, tables, small bowls or glasses with water, flowers and offering food, such as meat, potatoes, rice, wine, beer, cigars or tobacco. The most important thing is to have fireproof containers. After preparing these, you can burn your ancestor money to your ancestors and pray for their blessings according to the steps shown in the picture below. You can also read How And Why Burn Ancestor Money | Joss Money?

how to burn ancestor money Infographic

You can buy ancestor money in the United States, Canada, France, Germany, Italy and Brazil.

The origin of ancestor money

On the origin of burning ancestor money. There is such a story. In ancient China, there was an Eastern Han Dynasty. There is a great inventor Cai Lun who invented papermaking. Since then, people can use paper for writing and recording. One day Cai Lun died accidentally. His parents and wife were very sad at the funeral and cried for three days and three nights. They picked up the paper of Cai Lun’s invention, crying, and said: “The invention you developed in your life has not been popularized, but now you are dead! It is better to let the flame take everything away.”

Cai Lun’s family lit a fire and burned the paper. As the paper money burned more and more, they saw it on the other side of the flame, which was Cai Lun’s coffin. Someone sat up, it was Cai Lun who had already passed away.

The family hurried to confirm what had happened. At this time, Cai Lun said: “When I was passing through hell, a lot of money suddenly fell from the sky of hell, with my name written on it. The passing angel asked me if I could divide him.He said he could help me live a few more years in the world. I thought this was great. So I gave the money to the angel, and he pointed me a secret path, and then returned to the real world. “

The resurrection of Cai Lun immediately spread in ancient China, and everyone named him to buy his paper and burn it. Burn it to your ancestors, and pray for your ancestors to bless yourself.

Which areas will burn ancestor money?

Burning ancestor money is popular in many countries and areas. These countries or places are shown in the photo below. Most of them are influenced by Chinese Confucianism and burn joss paper money for their ancestors.

Which areas will burn ancestor money

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When we walk through the gates of Buddhist temples, there will always be a smell of burning incense. We saw smoke enveloping the surroundings, making the air difficult to breathe. Some people’s eyes are burned by the surrounding ashes. The believers will add more incense to the already huge incense burner. When adding incense, some people will ask God to guide their cause.

Today, a girl burns other things in the temple. I looked down at her burning some form of banknotes. She threw them into the fire one by one. I have seen something like this somewhere in Chinese movies before. I approached the girl.
“Can I see it?” I asked
“Of course” the girl replied.
I saw “Hell Money” written on the bottom of the paper money.

“What is hell money?” I asked.
“This is heaven money or ancestor money. My dad will be angry with me if I call it hell money. Heaven money is just money you burn so that people can spend it in the afterlife. This is a normal-shaped banknote. They smelled like incense.” She continued to throw them into the fire. We continue to talk.

“Do you know the history of hell money?” I asked
“I’m not sure about history. Except that I think people actually burned real money in the past, not them. The ancestor money burned today is fake. Or just symbolic money. I don’t know. All I know is, It has been around for a long time.”
“So, where did you get this money to burn?”
“I got it from the morgue or temple. I bought it from there. You can also buy it at Asian supermarkets or Ancestormoneyshop.”
“How much do you think heaven money is worth to you or your family?”

The girl thought for a while. “It’s really hard to tell the value of it.” She began to say, “I personally don’t believe in heaven money, but I know it means a lot to my grandma. My mother told me that heaven money will float to heaven for grandma to use for life. . I only know that this kind of thing means a lot to some people, so when I do it, I just want to remember this. “ I talked to three other people of the same age, and they agreed. This is part of the tradition, not out of respect for the elders, nor out of a serious belief in people’s afterlife.

Spirit money itself has many different uses. It is often used as a symbol of increasing reproduction and repaying spiritual debts. When “money” paper currency is used as a symbolic sacrifice to ghosts, gods and ancestors, it becomes spiritual currency. Burning spirit money allows it to be transferred to ghosts, gods and ancestors, and it will be used as real money in another world.

In addition, spirit money also plays a vital role in providing food to some ghosts, gods and ancestors. It serves as a combination tool to bring two worlds together. This can be seen in cultures around the world, where money is used to bring communities together at feasts, dinners and other social events.

“So you burned it? No other use?”
She smiled slightly. “No. We only burn with joss paper money. We use real money (US dollars) on the altar or Buddha.” This girl means to put real money (or money for living people) on the altar or Buddha statue to pray for blessings and good luck.

At this time, another woman appeared in my field of vision.
“This is my mother.” She said calmly.
“Do you mind if I ask a few questions about this hell money?” I need a generation older than a generation to look at hell money. At this time, I turned my attention to her mother.

“I have burned money since I was a child. My mother told me this was for my grandmother in heaven. I was still very young, about twelve years old. My parents explained what it was. When I burned it, my mother would explain to me how it will help in the next life. I remember my mother gave me a bunch of money and told me to throw it into the flames. I threw the money into a large cylinder with flames. It was very heavy and made of metal. We usually put it outside the house where my parents burned joss paper money and paper clothes. In the house, we have an altar for burning incense. After they burn the incense, they will burn paper clothes and money.”

I quickly wrote it on my notepad. “I see. So, would you think this is more of a religious behavior than a matter of cultural or ethnic groups?” I asked.
“Burning money, I think it is mainly religion. It is more religious than other groups, but it may also be a bit cultural.”
“What do you think your daughter thinks?” I asked.
“I’m not sure, it doesn’t seem to be the case now. She has never participated in the actual burning of it. But she knows what it is.” Mother replied.
“I know that my daughter does not believe in it like my parents, nor does it believe in it like my grandparents. I think living in the United States has changed the way my daughter views such things.”
“Do you know its history?” I asked.
“I don’t know how long people have done this. All I know is that I have done the same things that my parents and their parents did before. Before, we burned joss paper money to the dead, and the smoke floated on the dead, and the dead used it. Come as money for the afterlife.”
“Then, we pray that the deceased will give us good luck and good health. On the anniversary of the death of the deceased, we burn paper money and paper clothes. When we pray for them, we can also use it to burn the deceased. Even fake credit cards, you can also be burned.”

All right. I asked, “Can you tell me more about your beliefs?”
“When you burn money, it will be passed on to the dead relatives in the next life. They use the money to buy things like Prada suits. They give us good luck and blessings in return. So, we do this to get good luck. .

“We only burned out of consideration for our family. These paper money is almost real money. We can’t use it, but they can use it. It is really important and valuable. If they die naturally when they are old. The behavior in life will cause them to go to heaven or hell. However, we can still give them money and things as if they are still alive. They are like real people, but they are not here with us, they use different money.”

It’s time to go. I walked out of the temple with them. I asked the girl and her mother if they had anything to say before I ended the interview.
“I only know that this money will help my family in the afterlife, which is very important to me. I think my family takes it very seriously, especially my parents, who still burn money on the anniversary of their parents’ death. This is The idea of giving to our dead.”

I think ‘heaven money’ makes everyone who uses it feel better for the dead. This shows that we still care about and consider them. I guess this is part of tradition and their religion, which is why this ancestor money is important to them.

Burning Ancestor Money is To Miss The Dead Relatives
I used to think that burning joss paper is a cultural bad habit. Every time Dad burned spirit money for grandparents, I didn’t feel anything.

Ancestor Money – Carrying My Longing for My Mother
My mother has passed away for many years. Every time I miss my mother, I will burn ancestor money at her grave.

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